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Patna Junction Relieved of Load

Load on Patna Jn Railway Station has been reduced.

Daily sale of tickets has been affected at Patna Jn counters. In May 2015 it used to be Rs 4.61 million, while in May 2016 it has shrunk to Rs 3.49 million.

Q) How has this been possible?
Ans. A number of trains now do not pass through Patna Jn. 10 trains have been diverted to RJPB, DNR, and PPTA. They are:-

Sanghmitra Ep, LTT Exp, Patna Pune Exp, Jan Sadharan Exp, Secunderabad Exp, Danapur-Howrah Exp, Capital Exp, Patna-Mumbai Super Fast Exp, South Bihar Exp, Saharsa Intercity Exp.

These trains now do not touch Patna Jn. From August 1, five more trains including Dibrugarh Rajdhani will skip Patna Jn. They will pass through PPTA and the new Digha bridge. New amenities like wi-fi, escalator have been provided but the trains number have been reduced. As a result, the number of passengers visiting the station has reduced and the stall vendors too have been affected.

10 trains. In the context of Rail travel in Patna, means at least 100,000 genuine passengers, 50,000 locals and at least 200,000 attendants. An estimated 300,000 decrease in foot fall !! 

Q) What about car parking?
Ans. Naturally, there is now more space available for cars and vehicles.

Q) What about encroachers outside the station ?
Ans. As usual. No effect. Rather increasing by the day. 100 ft road reduced to a 10 ft lane. Railways are helpless, civil admin is clueless. Encroachers argue-"Give us jobs." But the encroachers' business runs into Millions 

Q) How efficient are other terminals?
Ans. All the 3 terminals are part of the city.  RJPB, DNR are ok, but PPTA is newly built. Railways have done their job; but the civil admin is way behind. No autos, no bus. If you have your own vehicle, everything is fine.