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Special Suvidha Train between Patna & Anand Vihar

The Fastest train between Patna & Delhi is 12309 Rajdhani. It covers 999 kms in 12.25 hrs. Average Speed = 81 kmph. But the seat availability is rare. Most of the time there is heavy rush.
Ministry of Railways run Suvidha Trains on certain terms & conditions. Tickets are issued only for confirmed and RAC passengers accommodation. There shall be no provision for waiting lists. But the fares are higher than usual. That is by paying more, the traveler gets a Suvidha. 

Railway administration will ply a special 'Suvidha' train between Patna and Delhi (Anand Vihar Terminal) to cater to heavy passenger rush. The train will pass through Allahabad.

Train number 02365/02366 will run between Patna and Anand Vihar Terminal. tnn
The train will depart from Patna every Saturday and Thursday from May 21 to June 2. It will leave Anand Vihar Terminal every Sunday and Friday from May 22 to June 3. The train will comprise eight sleeper, four AC-III tier and one AC-II tier coaches. 

On 22nd May, it was running more than 2 hours late.

The traveler can buy tickets for Suvidha trains from the reservation counters or book them online