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Is the Indian Education System Collapsing?

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Over the past 5 years or so, around 40% seats in engineering colleges have remained unoccupied.  In 2016-17, of the 1,38,000 seats in engineering colleges, despite heavy cuts in the number of seats, over 56,000, that is, 41%  saw no takers. Many analysts believe that this situation is indeed a grim indication of the end of the last obscure vestige of Indian Education System.
In Maharashtra, the

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Notable Omissions from Model Curriculum for Engineering  Courses

Category: AAI

Industry in India has frequently articulated its grim disquiet on several occasions through several surveys, studies and research over the quality of engineers being produced in the country, saying that a majority of the pass-outs are not employable and have to be suitably trained on the job. Nearly 60 per cent of the products of so called technical education institutions carrying a tag 'Approved

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Parliamentary Standing Committee Presents Airlines' Report Cards to…

Category: AAI
Earlier, a Parliamentary Standing Committee had been set up to survey the functioning of various airlines in India. It has come up with a report card which slams most of the airlines for the ways they do their businesses. The issues mentioned range from staff behaviour &, food to betraying the paying customer. In view of its findings, the Committee has made certain recommendations to the Civil Aviation

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