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When will the RGNAU at Fursatganj be Inaugurated?

Category: Aviation News

The inauguration ceremony of Rajiv Gandhi National Aviation University (RGNAU) established in Fursatganj, Amethi, was cancelled earlier on August 17 because the two key invitees, Rahul Gandhi and UP chief minister Aditya Nath Yogi, had not turned up. (Read - RGNAU)

The question - when will be the inauguration - is back in spotlight since the Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi is on a three-day

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All Flights Head Towards Patna

Category: Aviation News

There has always been a huge rush of fliers during the festive season to and from Patna. It has become an annual affair.

At the time of posting, the air fares on an LCC are -


  Date of travel
  24-10-2017 25-10-2017 26-10-2017
Delhi-Patna 4800 4400 2235
Mumbai-Patna 6870 5005 3904
Bangaluru-Patna 4683

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Welcome news for Innovators

Category: Regenerative Energy

XLr8 Andhra Pradesh, a world-class global technology accelerator, has invited proposals from technology start-ups with an aim to provide a platform for innovators to present innovative ideas in technology and design. 

The themes under which ideas have been sought include Energy Harvesting and Management Technologies.

Such an initiative is a force multiplier that can help the country move up

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