Coming Up : Ahmedabad-London-Newark; Delhi-Madrid Flights from Air India

The National airline of India, Air India (AI), will launch Ahmedabad-London-Newark flight from August 15, 2016 and Delhi-Madrid in December 2016.

“We will be launching the Ahmedabad-London-Newark flight from August 15 and Delhi-Madrid from December as part of our growth plan,” Air India Chairman and Managing Director (CMD) Ashwini Lohani said in Bhopal. Mr. Lohani arrived in Bhopal to take part in a programme on the occasion of opening of AI area manager’s office, which was inaugurated by Madhya Pradesh Chief Secretary Antony DeSa.

“We have launched a number of new flights. We have already launched flights from Delhi for San Francisco and Vienna. Next year we are planning to launch five-six more flights, including Washington, Scandinavian countries and Africa. We are heading towards growth,” Mr. Lohani said, replying to a question on the issue of profitability.

The objective is to connect more global destinations.

Air India also plans to expand its fleet size in next four years. The CMD said at present there were 133 aircraft in the Air India group. “In next four years we will have 232 planes,” he said.

Air India has ordered for 27 Dreamliners and has so far received 21 planes and six more are in the pipeline. Referring to the issues related to Dreamliner planes, he said there were some problems in its design since the beginning, but it was sorted out.

On the issue of connectivity with Bhopal, Mr. Lohani said Air India would make its hub in the State so that more flights will originate from here.

When asked if it will be in Bhopal or Indore, he replied at present Air India had more contact with the State capital.

The CMD welcomed the relaxation in 5/20 rule for launching international operations. He said that ultimately it will benefit the passengers as competition will increase.

“It is a good decision as it will enhance competition and will ultimately benefit air passengers. Now any airline having 20 aircraft can launch international operations straightaway,” he said. On the issue of launching international flights from Bhopal or Indore, he said it will not be available for Bhopal, but it may start for Dubai from Indore in near future.