Air India Extends Rajdhani Plan to Add 7 More Cities

Air India is going to offer last minute ticket prices equivalent to 2AC fares of Rajdhani trains on seven additional routes including from Delhi to Raipur, Patna, and Ranchi.

Air India expanded its spot fare scheme, wherein unsold seats are offered at 2AC Rajdhani  rates four hours before a flight’s departure. These ticket prices are  as low as Rs 2,240.

AI chairman and managing director Ashwani Lohani

Air India Chairman and Managing Director Ashwani Lohani has said that Air Indiarier has an average load factor of 74 per cent across its domestic network while the seat occupancy on the trunk routes stands at around 80 per cent.  The move to offer  such tickets was aimed at providing relief to the passengers from last minute sky-rocketing fares and also to fill the vacant seats.

Air India’s move might pose competitive challenges for other private airlines, which generally charge very costly fares for last minute bookings.

“On account of popular response and with an aim to enhance growth, national carrier Air India has decided to add seven more centers under its ‘Spot Fares’ scheme,” Air India said in a statement.

“These fares would be available for sale within four hours of the scheduled departure of the flights. These fares are available for sale through city and airport booking offices, call centre and Air India website.  The scheme is available for more than 100 flights across the country,” the statement said.

Tickets are also available on NC AIRWAYS.

“By introducing these fares we are not only able to generate additional revenue but also able to fill each and every seat till the last minute,” the statement added.

The scheme was launched on select domestic sectors from June 27 to September 30. Air India is already offering these fares on four routes and with the new additions, the total number of such sectors would increase to 11. The scheme is intended to offer fares equivalent to that of a 2AC of the Rajdhani Express.

The routes and their fares are –

Routes Fares (Rs)
Delhi-Ranchi-Delhi 2770
Delhi-Ahmedabad-Delhi 2270
Delhi-Hyderabad-Delhi 3275
Delhi-Bhubaneshwar-Delhi 3475
Delhi-Goa-Delhi 3665
Delhi-Patna-Delhi 2315
Delhi-Raipur-Delhi 2240

It is already available on four trunk routes – Delhi-Mumbai-Delhi, Delhi-Kolkata-Delhi, Delhi-Bengaluru-Delhi and Delhi-Chennai-Delhi.

As per Ashwani Lohani, the rationale behind the move was to provide “flying at low, affordable costs to last-minute passengers”.