“Life is an exam where the syllabus is unknown and question papers are not set. Nor are there model answer papers.”  — Sudha Murty, Wise & Otherwise

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Here is a Thought for the day.

How do you view this statement?

The first part of the given statement is okay – life is indeed an examination. But, the second part is not true. One may not subscribe to it. Life’s syllabus is very well known. Questions are also predictable. Model papers are also available in the form of 1000s of success and failure stories.

Dharma is the syllabus. It includes teachings like don’t tell lies, follow truthfulness, respect elders, observe self-discipline, stay mentally, emotionally and spiritually balanced, etc. The interpretation, implementation and practice of Dharma varies from person to person. In the final analysis, it will be seen that the strongest of all will be able to prevail. Thus, the chief syllabus of life would revolve around the fundamental Law of Nature – ‘Might is always right; only the fittest survive.’

Opportunities, threats, circumstances, are the basis on which the questions are set. There will more than one Menka as the invigilator. Every individual will react differently to a given situation. It will reflect the strengths, weaknesses and preparedness for the examination of the individual.

The end result of the examination will lie between the following two extremes:-
1. A Guru Dutt like sigh:”Yeh duniya agar mil bhi jaaye to kya hai? (What if I get this world?)
2. A Rajkumar like confidence: “Yeh duniya mujhse hai, mai duniya se nahi” (The whole world is due to I, not the other way!’)

His search continues to be for that person on whom He can bestow the Highest Award which is a certificate carrying the statement – “Examinee is Better Than the Examiner”.