Avail Attractive Cash Back offers

We keep introducing various promotions for you.

One of them is Cash Back.

FAQ on Cash Back

Who can qualify for Cash Back?

– A visitor who does a booking here.
– A visitor who signs up for a Newsletter subscription.
– An aviation enthusiast who writes articles on aviation.
– A passionate traveler who contributes his/her travel experiences through pics, videos etc.

All such write-ups can be published here after due moderation and the writer’s permission.

How much is the Cash Back?

It depends upon the contribution.
– For a normal buy – INR 150 or 3% of the ticket amount, whichever is higher.
– For a newsletter subscriber – INR 120 or 2.5% of a ticket amount whichever is higher.
– For a writer/article contributor – INR 250 on every ticket purchased.

When is the cash back credited?

On the actual travel date after the completion of the travel.

The other promotion is Complimentary Discounts.

When you book Jalsa Banquet Hall at Rukanpura, Bailey Road in Patna, for a wedding celebration, you get discounts as –

  • INR 7,000/- on air tickets booked through NC Airways for the Newly Weds !
  • 5% flat discount on other air tickets booked

This offer is valid till 31st May 2017.